Monsoon offer special rate valid from APRIL to Sept 2018

GET ONE night ROOM + ONE day trea tment & food for each 7days packages,
2 days free for 14 and 3 days- for 21 days, etc applicable only from April to Sept 2017

  • Treatment duration is 2.30 to 3h rs hrs/day. (Treatment will be everyday)

  • An Ayurvedic diet will be issued after the consultation (The diet contains varieties of Ayurvedic food)

  • WiFi is available at free of charge.

  • Complimentary use of Swimming pool and health club.

  • Complimentary TRV Airport transfers with minimum 7 days Treatment with Room.

  • Individual safe locker is available in all the Rooms

NB: We have new facilities : Medical Laboratory and Beauty centre at our centre

Please Contact for reservation


Tel: +91-471-2480870, 2267974, 2267670

Monsoon/Summer offer valid from April to Sept. 2018

Аюрведа, наука о жизни, как целостная медицинская  наука возникла в Индии и применяется на практике в течение веков.

Целью Аюрведы является  профилактика и лечение заболеваний и сохранение здоровья ...подробнее

Здесь,в  “Доктор Франклин Панчакарма институт и Научно-исследовательский центр”, мы предоставляем подлинную и научную Аюрведу, чтобы излечить и предотвратить вас от недугов.